About Balkan The English Setter

I have been known as Balkan since December 17th 2010.  That is the day I was adopted by some strange female who won’t put her details on this page. Just yet.

Nobody really knows when or where I was born.  She (the strange female) and some friends got together and decided I was about 2 years old and so tells everyone my birthday is December 17th 2008.

Before being named Balkan, I was called Shiloh.  I only had that name from November 18th 2010 so I’m not that bothered.  I didn’t respond to Shiloh and she says that although it is a really nice name, she wanted a name which sounded strong.

She asked a really nice lady in Sofia for some strong sounding names and then chose Balkan.

I feel kind of honoured though – she has been told that the Prime Minister of Bulgaria has a dog called Balkan.  Fancy that – me an abused, cast out, rescue dog from Ireland and the pooch of the Prime Minister of Bulgaria sharing a name.  Now, how cool is that!



2 Responses to About Balkan The English Setter

  1. Tom Benghauser says:

    Dear Balkan

    You sound very nice. And – take it from someone who has had personal experience with her- you are unbelievably lucky to have “that female” looking after you.

    I’ll keep in touch from time to time.

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