What on earth is she doing now?

By she I mean that woman who I live with.

She is muttering to herself about being a luddite and not understanding something to do with a piece of machinery which she has on her dining room table. I think she calls it a laptop and sometimes she talks to it and squeaky noises come out of it.

I like those squeaky noises – I prick my ears up and look around to see where they are coming from. Huh – an inanimate object. Even if I wasn’t too frightened to move out of my den, what is the point of an inanimate object – doesn’t she know I am an English Setter – a hunting dog.

I live in a den in the dining room by the way. When she accepted that I wasn’t leaving my safe corner for all the cheese and chicken in the world, she had some guy build a den for me where I can feel safe. It’s kind of neat really – the floor is some sort of gizmo that normally builders use to mix concrete on so that the patio doesn’t get stained. I heard her say that with that on the floor, I didn’t need to worry if I had an accident in my bed – it wouldn’t spoil her floor.

I have a wall and two cupboards as sides of my den and a roof. Man a roof – my very own roof. And mortgage free.
I have a bed as well. Which recently has had to be changed every day.

She means well but she was so dumb – didn’t matter how much she washed the bed, it still had my scent on it. Didn’t she realise that I would pee there? Doh!

An old guy (he looks really really old) comes to visit every other day reckons it is a bedouin tent. When she is talking to him, they talk about Balkan the Bedouin. Guess they mean me.

They got that wrong though didn’t they? I ain’t going nowhere for a very long time.

She does some pretty strange things really. But, more on that later when she has worked out how to do this blog thing properly.

She has so much to learn.

Not just about how to work with a fearful dog by the sound of things!

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